In Honor of Mickey Shunick

As many of our readers are aware, a young college girl by the name of Mickey Shunick from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette had suddenly gone missing late one night in mid-May 2012. Within hours of her disappearance, the local community in Lafayette came together to find this beloved girl. People of all faiths, and walks of life came together to help find Mickey. Donations of food, water and equipment for volunteer search teams to traverse South Louisiana came by the truck loads from every where.After three months of searching, and wondering, Mickey was found, and her tragic but courageous story was told. During this time, our local Muslim community banded together with many different people from all over Acadiana and the surrounding areas to help find her.

It is for this reason that I would like to remind all of the Muslims, and Non-Muslims alike in Lafayette and surrounding areas, to please continue to love and support one another. We are one community, what effects one of us, effects us all. Acadiana to please remember the unity of this very special community. In the time of need, the entire community at large came together to find Mickey.

Below is a video of the community gathering to celebrate Mickey:

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